Cryptofruits is a play to earn game based on the BSC chain. By collecting the adorable animals and equipment NFTs, 30 orchards can be explored. In a foreseeable future, more and more orchards will be launched.

Assemble animals and equipment NFTs to create convoy NFTs and let the animals pick up fruits for you!

How to harvest

Each equipment NFT has its capacity value, and the convoy group capacity value will determine the highest level of the orchard that the convoy has entry access.

At the beginning of the play, it’s necessary to contract with your animals, which can be considered as a feeding relationship to prevent animals suffering from weakness and make sure they are all energetic enough to work. Since harvesting is a tiring task, the animals will need to rest for 24 hours at least after every fruit picking mission.

Please note that there may be danger on the road to an orchard. That is to say, there's a possibility that a convoy comes back with nothing.

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