Convoy NFTs

To harvest and earn, you need convoys to pick up fruits from orchards daily.

1) 1 ready to harvest: you have 1 convoy free to explore the orchards. If there are 3 convoys available to start its picking adventure, will show as "3 ready to harvest."

2) "Select one" button allows you to quickly select one convoy and one orchard he wants his convoy working for.

3) Tap "Create a new one" button to assemble the owned animals and equipment as a new convoy.

pageAssemble a convoy

If you'd like to add another members into an existed convoy, find the aimed convoy and confirm its "convoy information"; you can find an "Add in members" button.

4) convoy ID

5) total capacity value of this convoy

6) Balance: The rewards will pour into this balance after the convoy safely come back from an orchard with a great harvest.

7) Tax: a withdraw fee will be charged if player want to transfer the rewards from the convoy balance to his wallet.

8) contract period


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