FRUIT token

a token used for CryptoFruits
On CryptoFruits, we get rewards in $FRUIT tokens and use it to mint animals and equipment and trade NFTs on the marketplace, as well as pay for animals' contracts.
Contract address: 0xaDd14CA8E026c4555933D12b568b1310968503a2
  • Name: FRUIT
  • Symbol: FRUIT
  • Decimals: 18
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Initial Supply: 90,000,000.00 FRUIT
  • Total burned 54,695,945.684 till Dec 2023
  • Total Supply(after burn) is about 50,810,682 on Dec 2023.

About Fees

In order to balance the FRUIT tokens price and hold the value, we will buy and burn portion of the game earnings and trading tax, as well as transfer transaction fee.
With regard to transfer transaction fees- This transaction fee applies on all transactions involving FRUIT tokens transfer, including currency exchange, sending FRUIT tokens and selling NFTs on marketplace, etc. The fee is limited to 2%, but it's 0.4% now. In short, all FRUIT tokens transfer transactions will be charged for 0.4%.
With regard to trading tax- A 10% trading tax is posed on every purchase and sale on marketplaces. This tax is collected and poured into rewards pool, which is necessary for making ends meet while players could gain great daily profits.
Disclaimer: Sending tokens/NFTs under any circumstances is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the sending address is correct, CryptoFfruits will not be responsible for the recovery of any $FRUIT lost on the blockchain.