Poke & Win

Gain rewards without detention.
Poke&Win is an intuitive game, easy 4 steps to gain rewards without detention.

STEP 0. Approval of tokens

Insert a number as allowance of the token

STEP 1. Select currency

select one from BUSD/CAKE/BANANA/BNB

STEP 2. Select one box

There are 35 columns of one box, the amount had poked will indicate after 'Empty:'
The odds indicates the maximum reward possibility; for example, the brown box says 0.0161 BNB($5) for one poke and there's a possibility to get $20 worth of FRUIT.

STEP 3. Select one column to poke

STEP 4. Confirm transaction

Then you get FRUIT!

check the result after transaction is success
Possibility of get 0 FRUIT exists though it's rare.
Change currency: expand menu and tap Poke&Win to go back to step 1