The Slot game on provides 101% odds to win!


Four steps to play and earn:

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Stake bets
  3. 3.
    Press PLAY button to spin
  4. 4.

What on slot panel:

  • ACCOUNT BALANCE(K): The FRUIT amount you recharged, displayed in thousands(K).
  • REWARD(K): The amount you get on this spin, displayed in thousands(K).
  • STAKE(K): The total amount you stake for this spin, displayed in thousands(K).
  • main slot panel area: displaying result video after pressing play button
  • Staking amounts: shows the FRUIT amount you stakes per symbol
  • 8 kinds of staking buttons: press single symbol button to bet and increase by one.
  • ALL+: increase staking amount for all staking buttons by 1
  • PLAY:
    press to spin after bet at least one symbol and confirm you stakes
  • Clear: reset staking amounts
  • TOP-UP: top up to start
  • Withdraw: Withdraw FRUIT from account balance to wallet
  • music: turn on/off background music
  • sound: turn on/off effect sounds
  • speed: adjust spinning video speed
  • Auto: turn on/off auto mode
While auto mode turns on, the system will automatically stake and spin non-stop, unless press Clear button or turn off the mode.