When your animals go to an orchard and safely come back with a great harvest, the rewards will directly get into the convoy balance. It is worthy to note that a convoy can only be disassembled as the balance remaining 0. Since the rewards in the convoy balance can be used to extend contract, there are two alternatives before you disassemble a convoy. You can collect the rewards or extend contract until run out of the balance.

Withdraw fee

To balance the game, a tax is set to encourage players to keep their rewards and reinvest in the game.

The tax will be charged with withdrawing and deducted from the withdrawal amount; it begins at 60% and decreases 3% daily until it reaches 10%. And it will not reset unless there are no any rewards in the convoy balance.

After the hard fruit-picking, all sweet rewards are going to the convoy balance. It can be withdrawn into your in-game wallet at any time.

Good to know: No any fee will be charged while the expense of contract is paid by an NFT balance; namely, the player can get exactly 100% of the reward!

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