Animals NFTs

A convoy is composed of animals and equipment. To get convoys, first of all, mint animals and equipment. Tap "+Mint a new one" to start!

The number following "Animals:" means how many free animal NFTs you have, excluding those have been in a convoy. Combined Strength summarized the strength value of all free animals.

Group healing allows dying animals together to be healed at once. The player has to heal the animals if they are starving too long and become in a dying state. The function of group healing saves gas fee.

Filter: When you want to find a specified animal, the filter will be helpful.

1) health state

2) the ID of this NFT

3) strength value of the animal, also present animal's level.

4) contract period

contract: contract this animal and prevent it dying add to a convoy: add in this animals to an existed convoy. send to friend: transfer this animal to another account as a gift. sell: sent this animal NFT to list on marketplace

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