Equipment NFTs

A convoy is composed of animals and equipment. To get convoys, first of all, mint equipment and animals. Tap "+Mint a new one" to start!
The number following "Equipment:" means how many free equipment NFTs you have, which do not belong to any convoy. Combined capacity value is the sum of the all free equipment NFTs.
Group repairing allows player to repair broken equipment together at once. The player has to repair the equipment which has damaged too much. The function of group repairing saves gas fee.
Filter: When you are looking for a specified NFT, the filter will be helpful.
1) the ID of this NFT
2) Level
3) Capacity value of this equipment.
4) add to a convoy: add in this NFT to an existed convoy.
5) send to friend: transfer to another account as a gift.
6)sell: sent this NFT to list on marketplace